Announcing the 2016 Keith Tippett Residency

TURA is delighted to host internationally acclaimed free jazz pianist, composer and innovator, Keith Tippett in our first ever international Residency as part of our iMprov Program.

Widely recognised as one of the most distinctive and radical pioneers in contemporary jazz and improvised music, Tippett first gained prominence in London in the 1960s with his Sextet and ground-breaking 50-piece ensemble, Centipede. Today, with over 40 years of performance, composition, recordings, broadcasts, film scores, and youth education projects behind him, Tippett brings a wealth of experience to this Residency.

Over the course of the Residency, Tippett will collaborate, improvise, and perform with selected ensembles from the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO), our very own iMprov Program, and of course, the especially selected Mujician Mosaic band.

As always, our sincere thanks extend to our donors, sponsors, funders and all the individuals who continue to generously support TURA, and therefore enable us to make such outstanding events happen. Without you, international residencies like this one wouldn’t exist. Finally, special thanks to all the incredibly talented and creative musicians, directors and artists who have come together to make this happen.

We look forward to witnessing it all come to life.  Tos Mahoney, Artistic Director

UK-based free jazz pianist, innovator and composer, Keith Tippett will come together with the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO), members of TURA’s own iMprov Program, and the especially selected Mujician Mosaic band in a first-ever Australian Residency.

The Residency will include two stand-alone concerts. The first, an up-close and personal solo sitting in Tippett’s rehearsal room. With the artist, his piano and little else, this will be an incredible opportunity for lovers of contemporary jazz and improvisation to see Tippett at his freest in a truly creative and intimate setting.

After weeks of dedicated rehearsals, the Residency will then conclude with an epic performance entitled “Mujician Mosaic”.  This will feature extended collaborations with a number of selected ensembles of local musicians and stretch across Tippett’s work as a composer, director, facilitator and performer. Taking shape from dedicated rehearsals with both WAYJO and Mujician Mosaic, the concert will allow for structured playing, reworkings, and totally free improvisatory performances; showcasing collaborating artists as ensemble members and soloists. Also included in the Mujician Mosaic performance line-up is a newly created un-scored, free-form piece with the ensemble from TURA’s iMprov Program, which will be created during their dedicated rehearsal time with Tippett.


23 November – 7 December 2016 Keith Tippett solo performance

7.30pm, Thursday 1 December 2016

Rehearsal Room, State Theatre Centre of WA

Tickets $30 | $20 concession

Mujician Mosaic

featuring the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra, iMprov and the especially formed Mujician Mosaic ensemble

7.30pm, Wednesday 7 December 2016

Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA

Tickets $30 | $20 concession

2 Show Discount

Tickets $45 | $30 concession

All tickets from

Concert day in Djarindjin-Lombadina

Thursday was our last day in Djarindjin-Lombadina. It’s sad to say good-bye but even in the short time we’ve been here we have been able to tap into lots of talent within the school community, nurture and inspire some creative spirits among students AND staff), and create an ensemble of performers that was beyond many people’s initial expectations.

Concert performance, Djarindjin-Lombadina (G. Howell)

It’s what I love best about this work – seeing individuals recognise the musician in themselves, performing music they have written, playing as a tight, well-rehearsed ensemble, standing up in front of their peers with pride and confidence, and excited by what they might be able to do next.

COncert day, Djarindjin-LombadinaA

Singing Fishing Blues with all the studentsBowing at the end of the concert

The school created a whole-community event around today’s concert. Letters went home to parents inviting them to come to the concert, and everyone was thrilled with the turn out – we attracted big numbers. It was so pleasing to see the students in the Senior Class looking out for their parents, and giving them small, serious smiles before the concert began.

Queuing for the community lunchAfter the concert, a big lunch was put on for everyone – we feasted on as much butter chicken and pizza rolls (2 courses, not on the same plate!) as we cared to eat, and everyone sat at picnic tables in the school grounds, chatting and relaxing. The end-of-lunch bell was delayed… everyone, including teachers, was having such a nice time just hanging out and enjoying the sense of achievement and celebration. Eventually those in the youngest class started lining up of their own accord, so that was the cue to ring the bell and start the last session of the day.

Community lunch, Djarindjin-Lombadina

With the Senior Class, we used the last session as a time for reflection. “What is the thing you feel most excited about learning in this project?” I asked. “And what would you like to do more of?” Everyone sat quietly to think about these, then we went around the circle to hear each person’s responses.

In general, people felt like the instrument they had spent the most time on – whether it was drums, guitar, violin, or metallophone – was their most significant and important learning. And everyone wanted to do more of everything!

Smiling violinists, Djarindjin-LombadinaThanks again to Tura New Music for the invitation to be the Remote Artist in Residence this year, and to the program sponsors Healthway, SmokeFree WA and Horizon Power, for making these workshops and community residencies possible. Next stop – One Arm Point!