NEXT30 Campaign

June 2016 – June 2018

On behalf of Tura New Music’s Board, staff and artistic collaborators, we warmly acknowledge the Ambassadors, Visionaries, Champions and other individual benefactors, foundations and companies who so generously supported the NEXT30 campaign to achieve its target of $250,000. Your gifts were very much appreciated and helped to ensure Tura can continue to lead the evolution of music into the next thirty years.

The campaign which was concluded in June 2018, was supported by 144 donors, two foundations and one company who made contributions, large and small. We wish to gratefully acknowledge your generosity which helps to deliver Tura’s adventurous programming in urban as well as regional and remote Australia. Your gifts continue to make possible a future of extraordinary, challenging and inspiring experiences in music and the sonic arts. Without you, we could not achieve this. We thank all of the artists and technical crew who have provided generous in-kind support for the campaign.

We also acknowledge and thank our Patron, Chair, Board and members of the Development Committee whose leadership and significant contributions have been an example and have led to the success of the campaign.


Carl Erbrich, The Rowley Foundation, Irene Lawson and Brendan Kissane

Debra Knight, Helen Symon, Joan Spiller and Philip Yetton, Anonymous

John Barnier, Bux Foundation, Katrina Chisholm, Peter McMullin, Paul Sokolowski, Shane and Gabrielle Tregillis

Zelinda Bafile, Rod and Kay Campbell, Peter Connaughton, Patrick and Jo Dawkins, Felicity Davis, Norman Dennis, Dwellingup Arts Collective, Elizabeth Fong, Chez Frederich, Paul Grant, Dean Kemp and Gaye Wotherspoon, Guy and Belinda Leclezio, Darryl Mack and Helen Taylor, Leigh Mackay, Justice Kirsty Macmillan, Phillip McCann, Dominique Monteleone, Andrew and Gabe Mostyn, Margot Nelson, Mark and Rose Okeby, Kate and Gavin Ryan, Meryl Sexton, Guy Smith, Ros and Ian de Souza, Larissa Strk and Simon Tan, Andrea Tsalamandris, Julie Wager, Geoff Warn, Anonymous

Michael and Jo Ahern, Carolyn Bacher, Pattie Benjamin, Henry Boston, John Brown-Neaves, Ana Brown-Neaves, Anne Cargeeg, Jane Caro, Fred Chaney, Kirby Clark, Alec and Nicola Coles, Warren Coli, Ariane Cullen, Shelley Cullen, Jennifer Darbyshire, Simon Dawkins, Andrew Dimsey, Adrian and Michela Fini, Brett and Annie Fogarty, Jacinta Forbes, Bill Foster, Ben and Angela Fowler, Liesbeth Goedhart, Heather Grauaug, Andrew Gay, Lyn Harding, Kerry Harmanis, Tricia and Michael Hart, Barbara Heilemann, Janet Holmes à Court AC, Lesley Howson, Robyn Johnston, John and Sally Jones, Felicity Kermode, Justine Lawler, Andy LeMessurier, Michelle Lewis, Siobhan Lynch, Heather Lyons, Darryl Mack, Tim Malloch, Michael Manford, Samantha Marks, Holly Masterman, Dr. Gibb Mcdonald and Mrs Karen Mcdonald, Linda McKilligan, Jacquie McPhee, Bethwyn Miller, Anne-Marie Mitchel, Colleen Mizen, June Moorhouse, Jonathon Mustard, Mike Norburn, Damaris O’Hanlon, Peter Owen, Ron and Philippa Packer, Sara Poguet, John Poynton, Colleen Pugh, Moira Pusey, Stuart Reid, Sally Savini, Paul and Jenny Simpson, Peter Smith, Mick and Anne Stroud, Helen Taylor, Janet van der Kolk, Josie Walton, Lisa Watson, Scott Watson, Jane Webb Ware, Anonymous (2)

Women’s Giving Circle
Mariana Atkins, Zelinda Bafile, Ros De Souza, Elizabeth Fong, Emily Green-Armytage, Helen Rusak, Elizabeth Webb Ware, Anonymous