Ian de Souza Tales of a Tura Traveller

Update: Ian de Souza has produced a body of work as per below inspired by his experience as a Tura Traveller. There are still some works for sale, the proceeds of which go to help support Tura’s Regional Program. See the catalogue or contact Ros de Souza for more details.

In October 2014, Ian and Ros de Souza travelled with Tura New Music’s regional Resonance Tour to towns and remote communities in the Kimberley. Ian was powerfully moved by the music and landscape. As he reflected on the experience he realised that the strongest inspiration came from the reaction of and connection to community that the composer/performers and Tura’s tour itself created.

Ian’s inspired response to the atmosphere and emotion of the music, the people and the locations he encountered is a dynamic and vibrant series of works that resonates with his unforgettable experience as a 2014 Tura Traveller donor.

These spirited and evocative paintings will help ensure that Tura continues to create those priceless musical encounters, as a significant proportion of the sale of these works exhibition will assist in funding Tura New Music’s annual regional tour to North West Australia/

Download Ian de Souza Tales Exhibition Invite and Flyer

See Catalogue

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