PIAF 2017: New Music and Contemporary Arts

Having launched for 2017, the Perth International Arts Festival has plenty of exciting new music and contemporary arts productions on offer. See the full program schedule here, or browse Tura’s picks for this year’s Festival.

Soft Soft Loud | Past Event

Future Shock with William Brittelle & Aaron Roche.
Performance review here.

The Encounter | 16-25 February

Created by one of theatre’s great storytellers, Simon McBurney, and performed by Richard Katz, this critically acclaimed theatre production has taken Broadway and the world by storm.
More information here.

The Calder Quartet | 17-19 February

The LA-based Calder Quartet are in demand all over the world, collaborating with artists across genres – from classical, contemporary and rock music to visual arts. The Calder’s fresh take on string music makes the familiar seem new.
More information here.

Flit | 17-18 February

Award-winning composer and experimental accordionist Martin Green has brought together a supergroup of UK songwriters, musicians and artists to tell stories inspired by his grandmother’s stories of fleeing Europe in the 1930s, through extraordinary live music and animation.
More information here.

The Australian String Quartet and Arcadia Winds | 18-19 February

In a refreshing pairing that links some of Australia’s greatest chamber music talent, the renowned Australian String Quartet (ASQ) team up with the award-winning Arcadia Winds for two unique concerts.
More information here.

Eighth Blackbird | 20 February

Described by the LA Times as a band of ‘super-musicians’, America’s Eighth Blackbird combines the finesse of a string quartet with the energy of a rock band. More information here.

Meeting | 4 March

The compulsive choreography of Antony Hamilton combines with Alisdair Macindoe’s obsessive machine-making practice in Meeting. Together they created a dynamic and choreographic sound installation which reveals a fascination with the body and mind in motion.
More information here.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!