Perth Festival Impact Report on Speechless and Sunset

Perth Festival recently released the 2019 Perth Festival impact report, which provides an analysis of the impact the Festival has on the Perth community and WA economy.

Cat Hope’s highly acclaimed new opera Speechless, produced by Tura for the Festival, scored highly in two categories:

Authenticity and Showcase – a group of productions that created unique experiences that were linked to the cultural identity of Western Australia, “where Authenticity strengthens shared cultural ties within community, Depth celebrates those experiences as meaningful and worthy of sharing with others.”

Content and Excellence – reflecting a broad and inclusive range of voices is a significant hallmark of meaningful social impact, “these shows demonstrated an ability to represent their audience’s communities of interest while meeting the high qualitative standards set by the entire Festival’s program.”

And Strut Dance and Maxine Doyle’s Sunset, produced in association with Tura, took away “Best in Show”, with the report saying that “these shows represent the complete realisation of the Festival’s strategic goals, as determined by audiences responses.

Overall, the Made in WA branded series (in which Speechless and Sunset were two of the eight featured productions) had a Patron Experience of 89% of respondents rating it very good/excellent. In particular audiences at Made in WA events highlighted Authenticity at 14% over the overall Festival average.

Tura congratulates the Perth Festival, Cat Hope, Strut and Maxine Doyle, and the many artists and creatives who came together to make these two productions possible. The results speak for themselves.