Moving Forward

Sound FX Residency
18 – 29 October 2021
Fitzroy Valley, West Kimberley

The Fitzroy River

The Fitzroy River, photo by Mark Jones

Sound artist Sam Newman and dancer Tara Gower head to Fitzroy Crossing today for a two-week residency as part of Tura’s Sound FX program. With program facilitator Gillian Howell locked out of WA, Sam and Tara will continue working with theme of Flow and the River as they explore sound and movement with students at Fitzroy Valley District High School and the broader community.

Tara will be working with primary students developing new dance work whilst Sam will work with senior students through the Ranger program on Country, using field recording and composition. Both processes will enable expression of current realities along with connection to Country and community.

The Sound FX program creates bridges between the traditional and contemporary, exploring music, story and language through long term collaborations. It encourages support, respect for and the revival of Aboriginal languages whilst developing new cultural works for performance, distribution and education.

Sound FX is based on the principal that music is a social and cultural practice that we humans use (and have always used) to explore, express, celebrate and live well in our world. ‘Living well in our worlds’ doesn’t necessarily look the same in all contexts. Keeping a focus on ‘flow’ as a value and practice as well as a starting point for creative music-making has been central to the Sound FX residency approach. This is not about outsiders coming in with the whole project figured out in advance, it is a methodology of letting the creative process and projects unfold, as conversations take place, people share ideas and plant the seeds for other ideas, and over time the ideas with the most ‘flow’ come to the fore.

This will be certainly be the case as Sam and Tara explore new connections with students and community of the Fitzroy Valley.

A showing of the works in progress created during the residency along with the local launch of the Flow album resulting from the first three years of the program will take place at the school on the evening of 28th Oct.