Mike Cooper in Residence

Tura is pleased to announce international musical explorer, folk-blues and experimental music legend Mike Cooper in Perth for an artist residency in late April.

The residency will feature an improvised set at Bar 459, as well as a two-day conduction workshop with Perth-based musicians. Cooper closes the residency performing his live score to the classic film ‘White Shadows In The South Seas’ at Packenham Street Arts Space on April 27 as part of Hemispheres.

Mike CooperLawrence English of Room40 describes the live score as “a sunset-like dream, spanning the horizon in pulsing waves of richly coloured rhythms, tropical sound fields and pacific-inspired slide guitar.”

Cooper’s favoured instrument is a vintage 1930’s National tri-cone resophonic guitar played acoustically and ‘treated through a series of digital sampling and looping devices, his voice and a vast collection of found sounds.’

Tickets on sale soon.

“Running his Hawaiian loops sweet and slow, Mike Cooper’s homage to Arthur Lyman is a masterpiece of contemporary exotica.” – The Wire.