Marrugeku-Tura Creative Development Project

Broome Western Australia
13 – 19  December 2020

L-R: Tara Gower, Tristen Parr, Tos Mahoney, Anne-Janette Phillips, Eric Avery, Dalisa Pigram, Esfandiar Shahmir

This week in Broome, WA an exciting music and dance research and development collaboration between Tura New Music and Marrugeku Dance Theatre is unfolding. The project explores cross-cultural connections and differences, with a diverse cultural mix of artists joining the project from around Australia and abroad.

With Marrugeku’s commitment to find new opportunities for the Broome dance community, their artists include local Yawuru dancers Annejanette Phillips as well as Tara Gower, a long time dancer with Sydney’s Bangarra Dance Theatre. Dancer/violinist Eric Avery of Yuin, Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwaan and Gumbangirri people from NSW joins the project, now living in Darwin has been in many of Marrugeku’s productions and labs. And the dance theatre company’s co-artistic director Dalisa Pigram brings a wealth of knowledge through her dance and choreographic focus.

Tura brings in three musician/sound artists hailing from Tura’s 2020 Sonus2 Tour with Tristen Parr (cello), Iranian Esfandiar Shahmir (daf and ney) and Tos Mahoney (flute).

As the last project of the year, Tura continues its ongoing commitment to community engagement work throughout northern Australia. The collaboration has the view to a performance outcome being included in Tura’s highly successful regional and remote community programs as well as endless possibilities for local and regional artists.

Tura’s Artistic Director Tos Mahoney says: “We have all been aware for some time of the affinity between Marrugeku and Tura philosophically, artistically and geographically… This is a wonderful opportunity for both organisations to explore these connections,  developing new work and understanding.”