iMprov #9 12/06/17

8pm Monday 12 June
Bar Four5Nine
$5-15 (pay-what-you-want) at the door

Tura New Music’s iMprov series presents experimental and exploratory improvisation at bar Four5Nine once a month on a Monday night.

This month features a juxtaposition of the old & the new as a harp & flute duo and a string quartet stand side-by-side with gritty & bleak electronics.

‘Hi. Ok, Sorry’ have been making waves around Perth of late; they use synthesizers to create experimental beat-based textures and dark, resonant drones.

Catherine Ashley & Kirsten Smith explore the nuances of harp & flute in striking detail; their duo stunningly subverts the expectations of one of the oldest instrumental combinations in the world.

A spontaneously-formed collaboration between Joshua Cusack, Gabbi Fusco, Aaron Wyatt & Tristen Parr will turn the string quartet genre on its head with a bass-heavy improvised exploration of its most fragile and most intense timbral possibilities.


Hi. Ok, Sorry – Eva Bujalka & Phoebe Avenue (electronics)

Kirsten Smith (flute) & Catherine Ashley (harp & electronics)

Gabbi Fusco (violin), Aaron Wyatt (viola), Tristen Parr (cello), Joshua Cusack (double bass)


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