iMprov #8 08/05/17

8pm Monday 8 May
Bar Four5Nine
$5-15 (pay-what-you-want) at the door

Tura New Music’s iMprov series presents experimental and exploratory improvisation at bar Four5Nine once a month on a Monday night.

iMprov #8 features the evocative sounds of guitar-and-cello duo Daisy’s Net, fusing free improvised textures with fragile melodic interactions. Jameson Feakes will perform his first solo since returning from a tour to Adelaide and Melbourne, exploring his unique idiomatic approach to the guitar where dense harmony and rhythm are born from a performative focus on physicality and the body. Laura Strøbech’s practice exists between post-Cageian experimental music and contemporary performance art focusing on vulnerability and intimacy; the night will be opened by one of her highly singular improvised interventions.


Laura Strøbech (voice, movement)

Jameson Feakes (guitar)

Daisy’s Net – Sam Rocchi (guitar) & Emma Stokes (cello)


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