Improv #10 10/07/17

8pm Monday 10 July
Bar Four5Nine
$5-15 (pay-what-you-want) at the door

Tura New Music’s iMprov series presents experimental and exploratory improvisation at bar Four5Nine once a month on a Monday night.

Annika Moses, B Gosper & Shanae Campbell create music that constantly rests on the border of silence, weaving between evocative atmospherics and glimmering three-part harmony in a fusion of the aesthetics and approaches of popular folk and experimental improvised musics.

Furchick needs little introduction as an everpresent figure of the underground scene in Perth, she makes use of an idiosyncratic DIY approach that is as inviting to the listener as it is challenging and unusual.

A new collaboration formed between Oscar van Gass, Elliot Frost, James van de Ven & Warwick Hall could travel anywhere, with the intersection of jazz, ambient and noise rock approaches within the ensemble sure to result in a vivid, textural sound.


Annika Moses, B Gosper & Shanae Campbell (voices)

Oscar van Gass (drums), Elliot Frost (guitar), Warwick Hall (guitar) & James van de Ven (trombone)

Furchick (objects, electronics)


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