iMprov Program 2017

Tura’s iMprov program aims to assist in the develop new and emerging improvisational artists. On the second Monday of every month, the iMprov series presents experimental and exploratory improvisation at the Four5Nine bar at the Rosemount Hotel.

The program also provides a monthly workshop for improvisers to work alongside local, national and international mentors who specialize in the field of improvised music performance.

2017 iMprov Program:

January: iMprov #4 – Eduardo Cossio, James Bradbury, Filth Goddess

February: iMprov #5 – Ellipsis, Human Contact, Original Past Life

March: iMprov #6 – Simon Charles, Jacobs/Symczycz, Lee/Jones/Thompson

April: iMprov #7 – Mike Cooper [UK] / WASKO / ¡Pockl! ¡Pockl!

May: iMprov #8 — Daisy’s Net / Jameson Feakes / Laura Strøbech

June: iMprov #9 – Hi. Ok, Sorry / Catherine Ashley & Kirsten Smith

July: iMprov #10 — ft. Annika Moses, Furchick, Warwick Hall & more

August: Improv #11 – Intensoband, Alvarez/Jacobs & Feakes/Langson/Koros