Help Them!

The Covid-19 caused crisis affects the whole community and priorities of Government must focus on primary health and essential service. Tura does not hold with some notion that “the arts” hold some supreme position in society and therefore expect not to suffer along with everyone else in a time of crisis. We do, however, hold the basic tenet that culture of a society is evidence of its level of “health” and it’s positive evolution. Government support for the “cultural sector” is one measurement of that “health”. We acknowledge upfront Tura has been, and now is, a very fortunate recipient of Government funding in a dwindling pool.

However, the “sector” in Australia usually provides the livelihood for tens of thousands of artists and similarly arts workers. Some of those have some protection in this crisis by being employed by large organisations or commercial entities (though that’s not a guarantee) but many, many more are freelance artists and contract arts workers. As we know, for the vast majority of those, work, for at least the next 6 months, has dried up overnight. Government support for the arts, already decimated in the last 10 years is just not going to cope with the need. Tura joins with the growing voice for action from Government in this regard.

Tura is developing some new programs that will create new opportunities for composers, sound artists, and performers around Australia but given even our fortunate resources it will be a drop in the ocean. We are being careful not to rush too quickly with that either as we share the view that this is going to be a long haul.

So we really, really, really implore everyone to do whatever you can to support individual new music and sound art artists – buy an album, commission a new work, donate to SupportAct, offer support via ilostmygig.

Likewise, to the more vulnerable new music and sound art organisations across Australia – donate, subscribe, and volunteer services.

And especially support our regional and remote community partners who are particularly vulnerable across this time. Buy a painting or donate to an art centre, see ANKA and AACHWA.

Please lobby in any way Federal, State and Local governments to do more for artists and the arts sector per se during the crisis and forever!

Stay in touch with us via this website and the other platforms as well as the Australian Music Centre, as new opportunities to and for support become available.

Stay safe and well.