The Fitzroy Valley New Music Project: Flowing sounds all the way to Mangkaja Arts Centre

This blog post is by Gillian Howell – Tura’s current Musician in Residence in Fitzroy Crossing, Kimberley, WA. This is part of a three year program supported by Healthway, promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message, and The Ian Potter Foundation.

As part of the Flow theme, The Year 6 students and I created instrumental music where our creative goal was connect and flowed and moved with ease. We performed this for the river too. We used two sets of chime bars, a Tibetan singing bowl, and a rainstick, and performed it in a circle. We explored textural, melodic, and harmonic ideas, and combined them in a graphic score.

Following the performance at the Old Crossing of the Fitzroy River, we went to Mangkaja Arts Centre where the Pre-Primary students joined us, and we performed our song ‘Flow’ and our instrumental piece for the artists there, surrounded by the amazing art works on the walls (I gave a camera to the students for them to document the day, and it was moving to see how many photos they took of the artworks on the walls. After selfies and photos of each other pulling faces, the next most photographed subject was the artwork). We capped off the morning with a lovely morning tea of fresh fruit and juice, and then we all piled back into the bus and returned to school in time for lunch.

Year 6 Fitzroy Valley District High School students perform in a circle at Fitzroy River.

Fitzroy Valley District High School students performing at Mangkaja Arts Centre.