Drawn From Sound

Drawn From Sound

Tura is delighted to be supporting partner of ECU and New Music Network.

Curator: Cat Hope
Artists Talks: Tuesday, 2 April & Tuesday, 9 April, 1.00pm
Performances: Thursday, 28 March, 6.30pm, Thursday, 4 April & Thursday, 11 April, 1.00pm

Drawn From Sound brings together a variety of Australian graphic music scores in the first survey of its kind to be held in WA. A practice developed the 1950s, the creation of graphic scores came about as more traditional notations were no longer adequate for music that required elements of improvisation, extended techniques, a foregrounding of texture over melody or harmony and a different performance formats. Drawn From Sound will showcase Australian contemporary graphic notation practice in a variety of possible forms as objects, videos and films, websites, interactive programs or images. Supported by a program of performances and artist talks, Drawn From Sound celebrates the graphic score not only as a valid form of musical notation, but also as a unique source of visual expression.




Spectrum Project Space

Performance dates

28th Mar 6:00pm,  29th Mar 6:00pm,  30th Mar 6:00pm,  2nd Apr 6:00pm,  4th Apr 6:00pm,  5th Apr 6:00pm,  6th Apr 4:00pm,  9th Apr 6:00pm,  10th Apr 6:00pm,  11th Apr 6:00pm,  12th Apr 6:00pm.