Dance Film Sound Lab: Artist Announcement

Tura In collaboration with Strut Dance, Deborah May and Adelina Larsson Mendoza lead an immersive film, sound, and choreography workshop for dancers and musicians/sound artists, in which makers of sound and dance explore musical/movement ideas and collaborate in creating sound and choreography for the camera.

From the callout, 10 artists across dance and sound have been selected to take part in the Dance Film Sound Lab.

Beginning with improvisation, creating sound with moving bodies and movement, and inspired by sound, the workshop will encourage imaginative and innovative ways of making and capturing movement and sound with consideration to light, sound, space, time and environment.

Recording and filming all stages and exercises, participants will delve into the requirements and rigours of filmmaking, the richness of cinematic language, sound design, and dance movement, plus experience the exhilaration of devising, making, and completing a short film of their own.

Selected Artists: 


Dance artists: L-R
Briannah Davis – photo supplied by artist
Aisha Samat – photo by Kathleen Wheatley
Jessica Pettitt – photo by Christophe Canato
Tessa Redman – photo by Megan Goldsman
Xin Ong – photo by David Cooper
Zakayyah MacLean – photo by Riyaana Harman

Sound artists:
Izzy French – photo by Michelle Chong
Moses Kington-Walberg – photo by Corey Battersby
Ozlem Kesik – photo by Ben Willis
Sophia Hansen Knarhoi – photo by Ben Simpson