Chief Justice of WA Patron of Tura’s Regional Program

Tura New Music is honoured to announce the Hon. Wayne Martin AC, Chief Justice of Western Australia, has accepted the inaugural role of Patron of Tura’s Regional Program.

A unique not-for-profit arts organisation that has been the driving force behind Australian new music and sound art for the past 31 years, Tura ignites creative discovery and original thinking in developing, producing and presenting music. The award-winning Regional Program crosses cultural boundaries, magically weaving together traditional and contemporary Indigenous forms of music with western expressions of new music.

Tura Chair, Gavin Ryan, said, “We are privileged that Chief Justice Martin has accepted our invitation to be Patron. The knowledge and networks he will bring to the organisation are invaluable. His appointment will strengthen Tura’s ongoing efforts in creating opportunities that enable the pursuit of musical discovery.

Chief Justice Martin’s patronage is particularly relevant to the work of Tura in remote Indigenous Australia linking the highest calibre Australian artists in music and sound art with local, Indigenous musicians and other creatives.”

Chief Justice Martin commented on his appointment as Tura Patron: “An important way of tackling the complex issues facing many Aboriginal people is through a deeper cross-cultural engagement. I believe that the arts – music in particular – can play an important role in this.”

Chief Justice Martin, who will be retiring from his role as Chief Justice in July, has been an inspiration to West Australians in social justice leadership and will continue to inspire Tura in its work within remote Indigenous communities.

During his time as Chief Justice, His Honour has been an active Patron or board member of about 20 not-for-profit organisations and he is looking forward to continuing his involvement with selected organisations into the future.

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Media contact: Tracy Routledge TR PR