The Necks are coming to Perth

Experience one of Australia’s most influential cult bands and experimental trios, The Necks, when they return to Perth as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations.

Presented by Tura New Music, the trio of Chris Abrahams (piano), Lloyd Swanton (double bass) and Tony Buck (drums) who are globally renowned for their unique approach to creating spontaneous music of deceptive simplicity and shimmering beauty.

The bond The Necks share after 29 years of music-making is almost telepathic.  They are musical outsiders and will be the first to tell you that their sound isn’t just jazz, minimalist, ambient or avant-garde.

“It is a fairly safe bet to say that no other group in the world sounds quite like The Necks…extraordinary empathy and discipline” –  THE TIMES (UK)

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Pre-Show Talk by MCME Director Victoria Korshunova

In an exciting opportunity to hear more about the acclaimed Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, MCME General Manager and Director Victoria Korshunova presents a pre-concert talk at the Subiaco Arts Centre, in the upstairs rehearsal room, on Tuesday 2 May at 6:30pm. This is a free event to concert ticket holders.

Korshunova has been with MCME since 1991, and is also the director of the Russian section of the International Society of Contemporary Music. In 2009 Korshunova founded the Centre for New Music Initiatives, as well as partnering with international organisations to organise and present over 30 music projects annually. Korshunova has written over 200 articles and research pieces devoted to the development of international and Russian contemporary music.

Korshunova will elaborate on her career as a musicologist, GM and Director of MCME, as well as her role as the curator and promoter and co-founder of the International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city (Ural, Russia).

Purchase tickets to the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble at the Subiaco Arts Centre on Tuesday 2 May from Ticketek.

Q & A with Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper talks Hawaiian shirts and delves into his soundtrack to ‘White Shadows in the South Sea’ performed as part of the Mike Cooper Residency.

Why have you chosen the film ‘A White Shadows in the South Seas’ for your Perth performance? 

I try to perform to films that, as far as I am aware, not many people do. I’m bored with seeing/hearing Metropolis, Nosferatu, Charlie Chaplin etc. and so I seek out unusual films and especially films shot in the South Pacific or some other ‘exotic’ place.

I have an interest in ‘exotica’ as a popular art form. I seem to have gained a reputation for my “Ambient Electronic Exotica” recordings, of which there are six volumes on various labels and formats.

I also chose to do this film because I have the book by Fredrick O’Bryan upon which the film is loosely based. There are also connections with other films that interested me, for example, it was supposed to be co-directed by Robert Flaherty and W.S. Van Dyke.

I am a fan of Flaherty’s films Nanook Of The North and Moana, the former reputed to be the first documentary film ever made. I have done live soundtrack performances to both these films in the past, and so I was drawn to White Shadows.

As it turned out Flaherty left the film some months into shooting and Van Dyke finished it. There are still some scenes in the final edit which are obviously Flaherty’s shots. He was very good at underwater filming, which wasn’t an easy thing to do in 1928.

What can the audience expect from your performance? Are there pre-recorded sounds as well as live manipulations? 

There are pre-recorded sounds on the soundtrack I present for this film as well as live playing.

I made a CD of the soundtrack with the same title for Room 40 records which also came out as a double vinyl LP on a UK label, Sacred Summits. I use a lot of field recordings, lap steel guitar etc. It a highly structured narrative film not something you can improvise freely across unlike, say, Man With A Movie Camera, for instance.

I also wanted it to be different to all of the other soundtracks I have composed or improvised in terms of instrumentation. Usually I make soundtracks quite sparse which this one isn’t.

Can we expect to see your Hawaiian shirts?  Is there a place where you get your shirts from? 

I never wear anything else but Hawaiian shirts despite the weather. You can get more of a glimpse into the shirt collection with some anecdotes about some of them here:

Many of our shirts came from trips to Australia in fact, but we find them all over the world.

It would be great to see the audience turn up in Aloha shirts.

Head to the Mike Cooper Residency page here, or purchase tickets to Mike Cooper: Live Score to Silent Film at PS Art Space from Eventbrite, and we look forward to seeing you in your best Hawaiian shirt (optional) on Wednesday 26 April!

Griswold and Tomlinson at WAAPA

This week, catch percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson and pianist Erik Griswold at WAAPA in two very special concerts. Erik and Vanessa will perform in solo format, and as the Clocked Out duo, and will be joined onstage by GreyWing, WAAPA percussionists and the expansive WAAPA Composers’ Orchestra.

8 Hits Plus
7:30pm, Wednesday 5 April
Music Auditorium

Vanessa Tomlinson performs solo percussion works by Lindsay Vickery, Kate Neal and Cat Hope. Erik Griswold reunites with Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) percussionists to perform his signature piece A Wolfe in the Mangroves: Concerto for Prepared Piano and Percussion.

Sonic Wonderment Revisited
7:30pm, Friday 7 April
Music Auditorium

Clocked Out (Vanessa Tomlinson and Erik Griswold) teams up with GreyWing Ensemble (Lindsay Vickery, Catherine Ashley and Jameson Feakes) and the WAAPA Composers’ Orchestra to perform colourful new works for large ensemble and electronics.

Vanessa will also be performing alongside percussionists Louise Devenish and Leah Scholes in Never Tilt Your Chair Back On Two Legs at PICA, 10-11 April, presented by Tura and PICA.

GreyWing will perform as part of Tura’s Scale Variable New Chamber Music Series Concert 2: Rio 1917 on 31 May at the State Theatre Centre of WA.

Composer/Sound Designer Call-Out for In Situ 2017

Tura New Music and In Situ invite composers and sound designers to submit an application for In Situ 2017. In Situ is an annual performance platform that showcases four new short dance works by a range of emerging and experienced independent WA choreographers. In Situ is presented by dance makers Kynan Hughes and Emma Fishwick in association with Tura, STRUT Dance and St George’s Cathedral.

Two composers will be selected to create two new sound works for two new site specific dance works. The season is from 15–17 June and will take place in the surrounds of Burt Hall at St George’s Cathedral in Perth. The Cathedral has allowed In Situ to occupy many of the internal spaces of the building.

There is an opportunity on Saturday, 25 March to visit Burt Hall from 11am-1pm to tour the spaces available, and speak to the curatorial team.

Please contact for the application form.

More information here.

25th March – 11am to 1pm | Open/Information day

16th of April | Applications due

28th April | Applicants notified

13th May | Production meeting

1st May – 9th June | Rehearsal period

12th – 14th June | Tech/Dress

15th – 17th June | Performance season

30th June | Artist gathering and debrief

Mike Cooper in Residence

Tura is pleased to announce international musical explorer, folk-blues and experimental music legend Mike Cooper in Perth for an artist residency in late April.

The residency will feature an improvised set at Bar 459, as well as a two-day conduction workshop with Perth-based musicians. Cooper closes the residency performing his live score to the classic film ‘White Shadows In The South Seas’ at Packenham Street Arts Space on April 27 as part of Hemispheres.

Mike CooperLawrence English of Room40 describes the live score as “a sunset-like dream, spanning the horizon in pulsing waves of richly coloured rhythms, tropical sound fields and pacific-inspired slide guitar.”

Cooper’s favoured instrument is a vintage 1930’s National tri-cone resophonic guitar played acoustically and ‘treated through a series of digital sampling and looping devices, his voice and a vast collection of found sounds.’

Tickets on sale soon.

“Running his Hawaiian loops sweet and slow, Mike Cooper’s homage to Arthur Lyman is a masterpiece of contemporary exotica.” – The Wire.

Russia’s Finest New Music Performers Are Coming To Perth

Tura New Music proudly presents Russia’s premier new music performers, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, at the Subiaco Arts Centre on 2 May 2017.

The Perth concert features Ivan Bushuev (flute), Oleg Tantsov (clarinet), Mikhail Dubov (piano) and Vladisal Pesin (violin).

The ensemble will showcase works by renowned contemporary Russian composers Edison Denisov, Alexei Sioumak, Dmitri Kourliandski and Sergei Newski, plus works by Tristan Murail, and Beat Furrer.

“This is a once in lifetime opportunity to hear the works of contemporary Russian composers performed in extreme virtuosity by those best placed to interpret the works – their fellow countrymen,” said Tura Artistic Director Tos Mahoney.

“The Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble are world leaders in new music performance and have travelled all over the world, but this marks the first time they have visited Australia for a national tour.”

The performance premieres a new work by Australian composer Michael Smetanin, commissioned by MCME with support from the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.

This is the first concert in Tura’s 2017 Scale Variable New Chamber Music Series.

More information here.

Tura and PICA Co-Present ‘Never Tilt Your Chair Back On Two Legs’

Tura New Music is proud to be presenting with Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Never tilt your chair back on two legs, performed at PICA in April.

The performance brings together award-winning female musicians Louise Devenish, Leah Scholes, Vanessa Tomlinson and composer Kate Neal.

The double-bill interweaves action, notation and gesture. Set at a formal dinner table, the percussionists re-enact etiquette using utensils engaged with eating and drinking, chronicling two centuries of table dining implements and customs.

This work focuses on the evolving roles of women and reworking a traditionally male music-theatre piece, Mauricio Kagel’s Dressur, into a work for the female voice.

More information here.

PIAF 2017: New Music and Contemporary Arts

Having launched for 2017, the Perth International Arts Festival has plenty of exciting new music and contemporary arts productions on offer. See the full program schedule here, or browse Tura’s picks for this year’s Festival.

Soft Soft Loud | Past Event

Future Shock with William Brittelle & Aaron Roche.
Performance review here.

The Encounter | 16-25 February

Created by one of theatre’s great storytellers, Simon McBurney, and performed by Richard Katz, this critically acclaimed theatre production has taken Broadway and the world by storm.
More information here.

The Calder Quartet | 17-19 February

The LA-based Calder Quartet are in demand all over the world, collaborating with artists across genres – from classical, contemporary and rock music to visual arts. The Calder’s fresh take on string music makes the familiar seem new.
More information here.

Flit | 17-18 February

Award-winning composer and experimental accordionist Martin Green has brought together a supergroup of UK songwriters, musicians and artists to tell stories inspired by his grandmother’s stories of fleeing Europe in the 1930s, through extraordinary live music and animation.
More information here.

The Australian String Quartet and Arcadia Winds | 18-19 February

In a refreshing pairing that links some of Australia’s greatest chamber music talent, the renowned Australian String Quartet (ASQ) team up with the award-winning Arcadia Winds for two unique concerts.
More information here.

Eighth Blackbird | 20 February

Described by the LA Times as a band of ‘super-musicians’, America’s Eighth Blackbird combines the finesse of a string quartet with the energy of a rock band. More information here.

Meeting | 4 March

The compulsive choreography of Antony Hamilton combines with Alisdair Macindoe’s obsessive machine-making practice in Meeting. Together they created a dynamic and choreographic sound installation which reveals a fascination with the body and mind in motion.
More information here.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

Church Series Launches for 2017

Tura’s Church Series, a concert series for experimental chamber music, launches for 2017 this Saturday in the intimate surrounds of St Paul’s Church in Menora. Providing a peaceful atmosphere for intimate performances, St Paul’s Church in North Perth hosts acoustic performances that utilise the sympathetic acoustics of the space.

Church Series #3 at 1pm on Saturday 11 February presents the sprawling and detail-attentive compositions of Berlin/Melbourne based trio, DRUM.

DRUM is the trio of Jon Heilbron (contrabass), Andy Butler (harmonium) & Callum G’Froerer (trumpet), based between Melbourne & Berlin. Their work explores simple compositional restraints leading to expansive, slow-melodic sound worlds. The event will present an extended performance by the ensemble, as well as featuring solo performances from Heilbron, G’Froerer and Perth-based oboist Niamh Dell.

Entry by donation.
Facebook event here.