RealTime Legacy Comes to an End

Tura is sad to hear the news that this issue of experimental arts magazine RealTime will be the last regular edition.

As the magazine approaches it’s 25th year, 2018 will be spent archiving the huge back catalogue of reviews and articles which will in turn provide an exceptional insight into contemporary and experimental arts culture in Australia from the past 25 years. This archive will be freely available to artists, audiences, students and researchers with a plan to house it within a major arts institution.

Managing Editors Virginia Baxter and Keith Gallasch and all journalistic contributors must be credited for their vision and drive to continuously produce content with such rigorous insight and providing a conduit to connect the national experimental arts sector in one place.

Below is from Virginia Baxter & Keith Gallasch, Managing Editors at RealTime:

“Reality check. This is the last edition of RealTime. It’s been an extremely difficult and a very sad decision to make to draw the magazine to a close — to cease weekly publishing at the end of 2017. In 2018, the magazine’s 25th year, we will complete the archiving of the deeply personal, totally consuming project that the magazine has been for us. It’ll be a year of reflection and celebration for RealTime’s many contributors, readers and supporters and, we hope, provide an enduring legacy — a unique record of a period in which the arts have radically transformed.”


Full Festival Program

The full program for the 13th Totally Huge New Music Festival is now published on the Festival website. Running from 19 – 29 October THNMF features Anne LeBaron (USA), Speak Percussion (Melbourne), Kouhei Harada (Japan), Mitsuaki Matsumoto (Japan), Shohei Sasagawa (Japan), Rick Snow (USA), Decibel (Perth), Ross Bolleter (Perth), Chris Tonkin (Perth), Lawrence English (Brisbane), Erik Griswold (Brisbane), Callum G’Froerer (Germany/Perth), Catherine Ashley (Perth) and many more…

Full Program

Tura Takes Out The Regional Award for Excellence

Tura is delighted that the 2016 Regional Program won the Award for Excellence in a Regional Area at the Australian Music Centre and APRA AMCOS Art Music Awards last night. The jury described it as “outstanding for its professionalism, vast distances covered, use of the local environment and for leaving resources and experiences in the communities with which it engaged.”

A huge congratulations to the other finalists in the category, Four Winds, Ngarukuruwala and Primal Dance Company

Tura wholeheartedly thanks the artists involved in the 2016 Regional Program including Jon Rose and Catherine Ashley for the Djarindjin/Lombadina Residency, and Reflection2 Tour artists Stephen Pigram, Mark Atkins, Erkki Veltheim, Stephen Magnusson, Judith Hamann and Greg Sheehan, as well as all of the guest artists who collaborated with the tour. Likewise Tura thanks all the communities, organisations and individuals without who’s support the Regional Program would not happen.

Tura was also a finalist in the Award for Excellence by an Organisation and Artistic Director Tos Mahoney was recognised as a finalist alongside Cat Hope, Daryl Buckley (winner) and David Bridie for the Award for Excellence by an Individual.

Tos Mahoney, Artistic Director of Tura, says of the award:

“It’s a great boon for our Regional Program to again have this level of national acknowledgement. Our residencies and tours are all evolving processes building on connection to communities and individuals past, present and into the future. The award is a great tribute to all of those committed to the process of evolving culture.”

Read the full details of the 2017 Art Music Awards in the Australian Music Centre’s Resonate Magazine.


Decibel Performs Sounding Art



1 September 2017, 6.30pm-8.30pm
RSVP Essential

PS Art Space – Fremantle
6:30pm Sun 3 September
$20/$10 Eventbrite

PS Art Space – Fremantle
2 September – 29 September 2017
Wed-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm

Decibel have commissioned a number of Australian visual artists to create artworks designed to be scores for performance. The artists have been chosen for their connection with music, rather than their abilities to ‘make scores’ – from artists that play in bands, or have featured musicians in their works, have worked with musicians on work or have works that can be read as music. The exhibition opens on the 1st of September and Decibel will perform these works live and in full on Sunday the 3rd of September at PSAS at 6:30pm. This exhibition and performance delves further into Decibel’s exploration of graphic notation and interpretation.

A range of media will feature in the program – sculpture, painting, video and drawing. A book will be made to accompany the exhibition, which will include full colour reproductions of the works and a contextual essay.

More information on the PSAS website.

Save The Date: Echo Tour at Perth Concert Hall

Kimberley Echoes at the Perth Concert Hall
Thursday 28 September

The 2017 culmination of Tura’s Kimberley cross cultural collaborative Touring Program has been announced for the Perth Concert Hall. A new combination of artists visiting new places and creating a new program with new collaborations will bring a rich taste of the Kimberley to Perth audiences.

This year’s Echo Tour brings together three of Australia’s leading indigenous performers, Bart Willoughby, Mark Atkins and Stephen Pigram with an ensemble of some of Australia’s finest instrumentalists including Erkki Veltheim (violin), Stephen Magnusson (guitar) and Tristen Parr (cello) creating a vibrant and uniquely Australian sound.

The Tour, which collaborates with artists on the way, brings Gabriel Nodea from Warmun, John Barnett from Bidyadanga and Naomi Pigram from Broome to re-join the Tour in Perth for the finale celebration.

Don’t miss this chance to experience a most engaging, enriching and powerful performance.

Tickets will be on sale soon via Ticketmaster, keep updated by following @TuraRegional on Facebook and sign up for the fortnightly Tura Newsletter.

Recent Perth Tour Finale Reviews:

“The tour finale was a celebration of the uniqueness of the Kimberley region and its traditional owners, but it also allowed musicians and audience to share a welcoming, limitless space where music was the common ground.” – Perth Arts Live

“One of the most fascinating concerts in Perth this year.” – Neville Cohn at The West Australian ★★★★

“The genius of this concert was how it used the tension between the known and the unknown to such moving and meaningful effect.” – The West Australian on the sold-out 2015 Reflection Regional Tour finale ★★★★★

Performance Opportunity Call-Out

Tura New Music is calling out to creative participants to join Speak Percussion in a special project for the 2017 Totally Huge New Music Festival.

Speak Percussion and guests will unite in the 13th Totally Huge New Music Festival to perform the WA premiere of A wave and waves by American composer Michael Pisaro, a massive 74-minute work for 100 performers on 100 instruments.

In this rare opportunity, join with one of Australia’s most dynamic and risk taking arts organisations in an extraordinary new music project. Michael Pisaro is a world-renowned composer who was instrumental in the formation of the Wandelweiser Group. A wave and waves is a project that redefines the way contemporary chamber music is presented.

  • Participate in the WA premiere of a major work by Michael Pisaro (USA)
  • Perform in the 13th Totally Huge New Music Festival alongside Speak Percussion and peers from across Australia
  • Signing up is easy, free and comes with a range of benefits

The performances will take place on 29 October 2017 at the Midland Railway Workshops, with rehearsals in the lead up at UWA.

Participants must be aged 15 years or over. No percussion experience is required – this call is open to all interested people.

More detailed information and the application form can be found here.

All applications must be submitted via email to by 15 September.

Speechless Soloists

Introducing the soloists of Speechless, an opera by Cat Hope. Speechless features around 70 people on stage, including a choir who are organised into groups that align with the four soloists.

Tura spoke to Alice, Kusum, Judith and Sage about their experiences so far with the Speechless workshop development.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

Holly Jade Photography

“Such an excitement to have so many talents in one room, with much to share and exchange. This process is enriching my practice and giving me time to reflect on different style of performance process and performative expressions.”

As a vocalist working with extended techniques, Alice builds intimate exchanges with her audience. She creates an array of timbres and textures by controlling tension in her throat and alternating the passage of air and vocalisations. Alice’s performances respond to the energy of the audience, employing sound varying from the calm to the extreme to create an awareness of the acoustic properties of the site. She challenges the boundary of a presentation site physically and imaginatively, viewing each performance as a site-specific response.

Alice is now based in Tainan, Taiwan. She is  the founder of Ting Shuo Hear Say, a community venue and organisation focused on listening, arts and discursive education.

Kusum Normoyle

“As a vocalist who has worked across a range of contexts including dance music, experimental music, sound art, improvisation and noise, working with Cat has been an entirely new experience.Cat’s invitation to collaborate is never token-istic, always genuine and consider’s a truly diverse set of approaches to music making as being viable within a contemporary opera context. It has been excellent to work with other very skilled vocalists in experimenting with relationship of voice to text, as embodied in this project by the visual score.”

Kusum Normoyle is an artist working with voice, sound, performance, and installation. She takes resonance, screaming, feedback and intervention and puts them to work in gallery, experimental and dance music contexts. Her work investigates aesthetic and literal expressions of voice/bodies, sound technologies, noise making and their relationship to location and materials.

Judith Dodsworth

“It is a privilege to be amongst such a committed and passionate team of artists. For me personally coming from a traditional operatic background I am finding myself challenged and reassessing my preconceptions and definition of the form. Stripped of the familiar elements of conventional notation, narrative arc or character, and with a libretto that is distilled to the point of abstraction, the emerging communicative power of the work is unarguable. I am also in awe of the extraordinary range of vocal skills being brought to the table by my fellow soloists.”

Judith Dodsworth has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s finest interpreters of contemporary vocal repertoire.

A graduate of the Australian National University and the Australian National Academy Of Music she has a masters degree in performance from the University Of Melbourne and has studied in Vienna and London, including with legendary new music soprano, Jane Manning.She has created leading roles in the premiere seasons of From A Black Sky for the Canberrra Street Theatre, Midnight Son and Metamorphosis for Victorian Opera, The Hive for Chambermade Opera, Opiume at the Singapore and Hong Kong Arts Festivals and in HIOB for Neue Oper Wien in Vienna.
© Weaver Artist Management 2017

Sage Pbbbt
Insta | FB | AIPP

“The score for this piece feels quite different from how I usually work and, I think, from how the other vocalists and the choir work. This has felt like a great opportunity to explore new ways of working and new ways of collaborating with people. The other vocal soloists have such different practices, but equal amounts of passion for, and commitment to, their varied crafts; working with them has felt nourishing and inspiring. As has having enough space in the process to explore the different sound worlds that we inhabit.”

Sage Pbbbt’s singing practice takes inspiration from Tuvan and Mongolian overtone singing, Inuit throat singing, sound poetry and her ongoing exploration of extra-normal vocal techniques. She also draws on industrial musick, trance, and drone; insight meditation practice, urban/industrial shamanism and chaos magick; feminist, queer and trans praxis; and Discordianism. She has performed both as a soloist and in various bands and collaborations for over 17 years in Australia and the UK and has presented conference papers in Glasgow, London and Melbourne.

Since August 2013 she has published a daily audio sketchbook of musick and ritual work in sound at She writes under the name Sage J Harlow.

2017 Art Music Awards

Announced by the Australian Music Centre and APRA AMCOS today, Tura New Music is a finalist in the Art Music Awards for the Award for Excellence by an Organisation for the 2016 program and sustained contribution to Australian music for over 30 years. Tura is also short-listed for the Award for Excellence in a Regional Area for its 2016 Regional Program, including the Jon Rose Residency in Djarindjin and Lombadina, and the Reflection2 Tour through the regional centres and remote communities of the Kimberley.

Tura’s Artistic Director Tos Mahoney is a finalist in the category of Award for Excellence by an Individual.

The Art Music Awards, presented by Australian Music Centre and APRA AMCOS, consists of eleven national awards as well as individual state awards, celebrating the works and achievements of the art music community.

Tura extends their congratulations to all of the finalists, and especially to those based in WA.

See the full list of finalists on the Australian Music Centre website.