Australia Council Funding Announcement

Tura New Music is humbled to share the Australia Council’s announcement of Four-Year Funding recipients with Tura among the 95 arts organisations nationally to receive funding for 2021 – 2024. We congratulate all the organisations across all art forms in what, in any case, is an incredibly competitive process – one we wish was less so, as there are so many organisations doing such essential work for Australian cultural life who have not been funded simply because the Australia Council does not have enough funds to serve the nation in the way it has always aspired to.

This would have been a very hard time for those unfunded organisations in any case but in the current health and economic crisis it may, in some or many cases, be terminal. We congratulate the Australia Council for using part of the Four-Year Funding pool to support some of the unfunded organisations through a special scheme for 2021 but this is yet another reminder of the lack of visionary policy at Federal Government level – policy that would look to support Australian cultural life now and into the future.

We passionately support The Australia Council whose operational budget has been hacked by successive governments and the funding pool per se dropped in real terms over many years. We thank Council, Executive and staff for keeping up the fight across some incredibly challenging years and in this one particularly.

See the full list of Four Year Funded Organisations

We are most privileged to be future recipients of this funding, though of course now we, with everyone, are unsure of what that future actually is. However, we look forward to being adaptive within our existing programs, as well as developing new programs that support the broad practice of new music and sound art around Australia whilst building on our 33 years of connection with a vast array of diverse communities to deliver those programs.

We will do all that we can to support the cultural sector, especially individual artists, across this incredibly difficult and challenging time.

We are profoundly grateful to the Western Australian State Government for their support across the life of our organisation and especially for setting the benchmark for state support of cultural organisations that tell Australian stories of our time. We likewise extend our deepest thanks to all of our sponsors and donors for their past and current generosity and support alongside the belief in what is important in society.

Tura recommits to making a difference and being champions of artistic risk with meaning now and well into the future.


Media Enquiries:
Tos Mahoney
Artistic Director