August 28, 2011

It has been a long hard week of field recording in and around Warmun. The week commenced with a trip to the abandoned Texas Downs cattle station about 50 kilometers East of Warmun boarded by the ancient Osmond Range. Texas is an expansive cattle station comprising a homestead and various sheds and cattle pens.

The turbulent wind that has been blowing for well over a week provided additional opportunities to record creaking metal, shuddering gates, and groaning windmills – an eerie soundtrack to this remote and forgotten place. The next day we joined Gabriel and Owen and various family members on a hunting trip near the Argyle Diamond Mine that culminated in a wonderfully prepared barbeque featuring three bush turkeys and a freshwater crocodile. The sounds of plucking, cutting, and sizzling were our main focuses a long with the collective devouring of the freshly caught animals.

Later in the week we travelled out to Wolfe Creek Meteorite Reserve to record the White-Gaped Honeyeater echoing within the crater which features a wonderful array of Grevillea, Wattle, and Hakea bushes. On the way home the darkened mountain ranges surrounding Warmun were illuminated by widespread bushfire ferociously raging by the Great Northern Highway. A strange and mesmerizing site that provided another recording opportunity to capture the sound of combusting undergrowth sizzling and crackling across the plain.

Philip Samartzis