August 14, 2011

We devoted the weekend to recording in and around the Bungle Bungle ranges located around 100 kilometers south-east of Warmun. The primal undulating landscape obscured the ranges right until the last moment providing a great sense of anticipation as we negotiated deeply corrugated roads and numerous river crossings. As spectacular as the Bungles are, our ears were quickly drawn to the assorted acoustics formed by the various chasms and gorges located throughout the ranges. The variety of vertiginous spaces generated an amazing range of reverberant effects imbuing pedestrian birdcall and insect song with a profound eeriness. Their voices bouncing through the vast natural labyrinth whilst assorted palm trees created waves of crisp noise in response to the gentle breeze that blew from time to time. Whilst daytime was good for soloists, evening provided a great opportunity to capture choruses of insects and frogs performing under a full moon in the numerous creeks and pools dotting the area. A good weekend in which we were able to capture some of the natural environment to compliment the many recordings we have to date of the reconstruction of Warmun.

Philip Samartzis