August 11, 2011

We have spent the last few days undertaking an orientation of the settlement, which is undergoing massive redevelopment since the floods in March when 130mm of rain fell in 24 hours inundating the community. The damage is extensive with overturned cars, abandoned buildings and wrecked infrastructure strewn throughout the township. It is hard to imagine that the seemingly placid Turkey Creek is capable of such widespread violence. With disaster though comes opportunity with a team of workers busy repairing or replacing much of the damaged infrastructure and housing, although the process is going to be long and hard considering the havoc that has occured here. From a sound recordists perspective the redevelopment has provided an enormous source of industrial noise that has marked Warmun as a dense urban environment rather than the outback settlement that it actually is. The disparity between the natural splendor and the noise of reconstruction has been of particular interest during these first days in the community.

Philip Samartzis