All I Ever Am by kdmindustries

kdmindustries ‘All I Ever Am’

Tura is supporting a new project by kdmindustries titled ‘All I Ever Am’ on Friday 7 May at The Rechabite, Perth.

Featuring real time web scrapes, generative video and modular sound, it explores 40 trillion gigabytes of information and the rise of data as the most valuable resource in the world.

Creator Mark Haslam is a performance designer who’s worked with leading arts companies across performance, dance, music and visual arts and it follows on from previous projects, ‘PRVCY’, ‘CONCRETE:heartbeat’, and ‘project:ALICE’.

Creating (and performing) the sonic compositions is James Luscombe – a sound engineer and designer who specialises in live mixing and performance programming/composition for dance and theatre.

‘All I Ever Am’ is a powerful, visceral and cathartic experience for audiences who exist ever more in digital space.

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This project is supported by Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Tura New Music.