Artist Support

Tura supports Western Australian independent artists and ensembles through advocacy, partnering, management and promotion.

Current and recent support includes

  • Decibel Ensemble
  • Etica New Chamber Music Ensemble
  • Falling Like a Bird


DECIBEL is an exciting new chamber music ensemble based in Perth, Western Australia devoted to the nexus of acoustic and electronic instruments. They present new music that is exciting, innovative and explores ways that classical, ambient, pop, electronic and experimental music comes together.

All electronics in a Decibel concert are featured like any other instrument; on stage and performed. For the south west tour Decibel will be performing a program that includes music by English ambient genius Brian Eno, New York art group The Velvet Underground, Australian composers Warren Burt and Rainer Linz, as well as music composed by members of the group.

Directed by flautist and composer Cat Hope, this ensemble features some of Perth’s best new music artists: Lindsay Vickery (reeds, computer), Stuart James (piano, percussion, computer), Tristan Parr (cello) and Malcolm Riddoch (electronics). The ensemble are also offering workshops in each town during the tour.


Etica is a chamber music ensemble comprised of leading West Australian instrumentalists, under the Direction of Jon Tooby. Etica is dedicated to the performance of the works of established 20th and 21st century Australian and International composers. Etica aims to bring uncompromising finesse and authority to its performances and presentations, bringing intellectual rigour, technical command and interpretive confidence to the performance of new music. The ensemble is committed to providing excellent interpretations of new chamber music and will, where possible, work in close collaboration with composers as a vital process in ensuring excellence in performance.