Tura New Music provides infrastructure for the presentation and promotion of new music in WA. This support includes access to the creative and management team and administrative resources, archive, library and local, national and international information hub for the public, arts industry, Government, composers and performers.

Tura New Music is the information centre for new music in Western Australia. It is the first port of call for any organisation or individual seeking information on West Australian composers and performers and further Australian and overseas artists.

Tura New Music houses an impressive archive of video and audio material from its many projects and events. This material is accessed for research and from time to time compiled into distributable formats.

Tura acts as lobby organisation representing new music artists to government, industry and other arts organisations.

As a resource centre Tura New Music provides invaluable service to Government, artists and the community at large. With a thirty year history the company has a wealth of knowledge which growth of resources will more fully tap and utilise. Tura New Music looks forward to serving the community out of which it was created.