Patron of Tura’s Regional Program

Wayne Martin AC QC

“Music is a potent medium for inter-cultural communication. Tura uses that medium to bridge the cultural gap between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians. This cultural bridge enhances the cultural and artistic lives of all Australians, and uses the common language of music to bring communities together.”

Wayne Martin AC QC
Patron Tura New Music’s Regional Program

Board of Directors

Gavin Ryan – Chair
Rod Campbell
Simon Dawkins
Robyn Johnston
Justine Lawler
Dominique Monteleone
Helen Symon QC


Tos Mahoney – Founder & Artistic Director
Annalisa Oxenburgh – Executive Director
Liesbeth Goedhart – Development Consultant
Tristen Parr – Program Manager
Anna Sparkes – Marketing, Program & Development Coordinator
Josten Myburgh – Project Coordinator