Aaron Wyatt and Speechless Helpmann Award Nomination

Congratulations to Aaron Wyatt for his nomination in the 2019 Helpmann Awards. Cat Hope’s 2019 production of Speechless and that her wonderful score, rendered beautifully by Aaron Wyatt is the result of the nomination for Musical Direction. Speechless featured four soloists, Judith Dodsworth, Karina Utomo, Sage Pbbbt and Caitlin Cassidy, with a combined community choir of 30 voices and the 30-piece multi-instrumental Australian Bass Orchestra, led by four section leaders from Decibel New Music Ensemble.

Speechless was presented by Tura and Perth Festival, after a development in 2017 at Vitalstatistix.

See the full list of nominees.

Music Director Aaron Wyatt | Image by Toni Wilkinson